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Conducting Safety Talks

Safety talks are important in training your personnel and in achieving a safe working environment. However, such discussions could be quite boring if not done the effective way. These meetings are done on a regular basis to continuously remind the employees of safety practices, and also to introduce them to new procedures that they have to learn.

safety-talkYou know that your safety talks are a success when your listeners are able to apply what they have learned during the session. To achieve this, there are key points that should be taken into consideration:

1.Have your place prepared with all the necessary things in the meeting. To keep your talk on track, make sure that an outline of the topic to be discussed is ready. Aside from the chairs and tables, you can also prepare audiovisual aids that you can use during the talk. In this way, technical difficulties will be avoided once the talk starts.

2.Start on time. Avoid any delays and stick with the schedule.

3.Consider the seating arrangement of your participants. If you are going to use tables, use the round one; if only chairs are to be utilized, arranged them in a U-shape. These positions will allow your listeners to interact with each other.

4.Have your place equipped with proper lighting since this will help your listeners understand the talk well. Make sure that the venue is comfortable.

5.Assign someone to take down notes as this is important for follow-ups and evaluation. It will also serve as a tool for keeping track of your past talks.

6.Keep your safety talks alive. You can add activities (like games) to catch your participants’ attention. Provide videos about your safety topic for better understanding. You can also make interactive presentations to keep people engaged. Always initiate active participation with everyone involved in the talk.

7.Use a variation of techniques in your talk. People have different ways of learning. To accommodate these differences, prepare yourself with different learning tactics which you think are most helpful for every listener.

8.Provide handouts as these will accommodate the different literacy levels of your participants. These will also serve as a reviewer for the workers, making it easier for them to remember all safety practices that should be observed while working.

9.Have an open forum. Remember, all questions asked by listeners are important. Aside from that, you’ll have to hear their suggestions and comments as these will help improve your next talks.

10.Make things as hands-on as possible. Hands-on experience can help anyone understand a discussion better. As a result, it becomes easier to apply whatever is being taught. Still, be mindful when giving hands-on activities; always provide protective equipment such as gloves.

11.Give an evaluation quiz to your participants, as that’s the only effective way to see if they were able to comprehend all the concepts discussed in the talk. Giving rewards to those who scored high will also motivate workers to pay more attention and do better next time.

Giving safety talks is important to maintain safety in an organization. Conducting one should not be complex. Keep it basic for better comprehension. The secret of a successful talk is when your listeners are able to put all their learning into practice. Safety is an important factor that should be observed since it is one of the building blocks of an organization. Once it is not practiced well, an organization will likely to break down.

All in all, safety talks will help your participants become responsible when it comes to workplace safety and proper conduct.