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Promote Your Cause Using Badge Lanyards

There are several ways to spread the word if you want to promote a charity event such as typhoon relief or blood drive: flyers, email, and word of mouth are some of them. However, no other technique draws the whole community together and creates as much of an effect as badge lanyards. This moment is as good as any other to show other people that you truly care and this guide would show you how to use lanyards in promoting your cause.

Gain Attention to Your Charity

Badge LanyardsRecruiting donors and volunteers is one of the major challenges for a lot of charity organizers. In order for the community to become aware of this kind of event, a lot of upfront work is needed, such as using emails, websites, and newsletters, and leveraging social media. However, promoting at the actual event is just as essential as promoting it in advance.

Most organizations give out more conventional treats such as fruits, sweets, and juice, to everyone who participated, especially during blood drives. However, badge lanyards are a more unforgettable means of saying “thank you.” Lanyards with the name and cause of the organization imprinted on them are a wonderful reminder for donors about their service. These simple items could also help get the word out during and after the event.

Gain More Exposure with Lanyards

A good way to increase awareness about your cause is the use of promotional tools. Lanyards have been proven to reach the market far beyond the target area in such a way that other promotional tools do not. It is perhaps because of the usefulness of lanyards. They can secure your keys and hold badges during your charity and other events. Lanyards can practically be seen as a moving advertisement for your cause, making contact with hundreds, probably even thousands of people all through the day.

Initiate Communication

Handing out promotional materials to people is a kind gesture that creates goodwill between your charitable organization and the participants of your event. From a business standpoint, promotional items could open the line to conversations that may result in new business opportunities. Badge lanyards are an excellent way to promote your community or non-profit organization and open communication lines that could lead to more community awareness, partnerships, and media opportunities.

Build Community Relationships

Another excellent way to promote your charitable event is through building relationships with other community businesses. When you want to have a partnership with another business in the community, it is common to offer an ad space to advertise their brand in return for their sponsorship. Badge lanyards create a unique means of building those relationships and entice community sponsors because of their usefulness and longevity.

You can offer a community business the opportunity to serve as a sponsor on your charity event in exchange for their name or logo together with your cause on your lanyards. This way, you can get free lanyards you could use to promote your cause and your sponsor gets tax deductible ad space.

Re-gifting Promotional Items

In general, re-gifting is not a well-accepted practice, or at least not a lot of people brag about it. However, when it comes to promotional items, having someone who would give away your lanyards could be a good thing. Those who receive promotional gifts are more likely to give them away, getting even more exposure for the cause or organization. Well, it is better for people who receive a promotional item to pass it along to someone who needs it instead of throwing it away. This is actually an effective form of advertising. This just shows how great badge lanyards are in promoting your cause.