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Various Types of Funeral Services

If you still haven’t considered planning your funeral service ahead of time, now is the time to get started to lessen stress in the future.

In some countries, certain beliefs are followed during a funeral. Examples include washing the body, wrapping it in cloth, and then burying it in the cemetery. Family members and friends pay final respects and follow the body to its resting place, signified by a wooden marker or a simple stone. Services like these are simple and relatively cost less.

Funerals are usually expensive and more elaborate in developed countries. It seems that even those who are living in obscure and poor areas are destined to get an honorable mention at a public service. This would surely vary from a private service, in which there’s a casket kept in a cathedral with burial rites held under an imposing granite or marble monument.

Many are somewhere in the middle, when it comes to the matter of viewing. People don’t want to bury their loved ones without a public viewing of some sort. But some people cannot afford all the trappings of a state funeral.

Funeral Services

If you haven’t thought of planning a funeral or burying someone you love, it is better to plan ahead of time. Know everything ahead of time so when the stress of grief strikes, without expecting it or otherwise, you will be aware of the things that you need to do. Below are some preplanned funeral (Knoxville, TN) options to consider:

Payment Plans

Funeral businesses these days also offer their services on installment basis. Now, you have the opportunity to select in advance which services you prefer to have for your funeral or for that of your loved one. You can pay for the service monthly. Depending on the plan you choose, there could be a payout of residual funds after you have paid it in full. You should know how much life insurance is available, together with other assets such as saleable goods or bank accounts that may need to be sold to finance a funeral.

Cremation or Embalming

There are some who prefer having their body cremated at the time of their death instead of being preserved. The ashes can be scattered in the lake or woodland, or placed in an urn which can be buried in a cemetery, you can ask providers of funeral (Knoxville, TN) services about the permissible ways of disposing the cremated remains. Embalming includes preserving the body so your relatives and friends can view it at the funeral home. The body will be arranged in such a way that it will look like you are just sleeping.

Burial Customs

The embalmed body will be placed in a metal or a wooden casket for burial. A cemetery grave is usually not included in the funeral package. A graveside service is held after church eulogies or funeral home services. Friends and family members will follow the body of their deceased loved one and will wait for the coffin to be lowered.

Supplemental Services

At the funeral home, friends and relatives will have the time to view the body of their deceased loved one. Normally, it is scheduled the day before and during the day of the funeral, or preceding the funeral. During viewing, soft music is played and flowers are arranged around the coffin. The provider of the funeral (Knoxville, TN) service will process the death certificate.

A prearranged funeral (Knoxville, TN) will make things easier for the living relatives of the deceased individual. These funeral providers offer a valuable service to society. It is much easier to decide if you understand the different options available to you.

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Funeral businesses these days also offer their services on installment basis. Now, you have the opportunity to select in advance which services you prefer to have for your funeral or for that of your loved one.

The Different Types of Challenge Coins

Challenge-CoinsWhat is a challenge coin? It is a coin used as a token of identity among the military units to signify allegiance to a particular unit. The challenge coin has unique designs specific of the unit’s motto, insignia or symbol. It was originally given by the combat or unit’s officers to their members to show appreciation also for the soldiers’ exemplary performance during a battle.

So originally, challenge coins were distributed among military servicemen only. Later on however, the United States Air Force has the “Bull Dog Challenge” coins given to the enlisted gunners upon their graduation. It was exclusive for B-52 air force men only. It represented strength and courage among the members.

Today, there are many types of challenge coins being created and distributed. It has moved outside the perimeters and confines of the military too. There are now many coins existing, available to the public either for sale or as a gift. Here are some samples of the different types of challenge coin outside the military.

As a sign of exclusivity, the Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) created and sold specially designed Harley Davidson coins to owners of the said motorcycles only. They believed and proclaimed that Harley Davidson owners and users have a special bond and pride of being owners the same way that the military shared a bond when they served the country. They also instructed the owners to either carry the challenge coin in their person at all times or display it on their bikes. The logo was stamped on one side and the words “The Official Riding Club of Harley-Davidson” is written on the other side. The coins were made from solid brass alloy with an antique finish. The challenge coins were sold for $12 a piece.

On the other hand, the Utah Symphony and Opera was the first to distribute challenge coin among its staff and musicians in the early 2000’s. Though there were no stated reasons why, it was assumed that it was distributed as a token of appreciation for being a part of the opera.

Some of the coins were created to be given as gifts and tokens of appreciation. One example was when film director Jon Favreau gave especially designed Iron Man coins to the United States Air Force personnel for their participation during the filming of the movie Iron Man 2. By the way, the movie became a top grosser.

Challenge Coins

The National Association of Buffalo Soldiers and Troopers Motorcycle Club” also distributed a specially made challenge coin. The coin was 1.75 inches in diameter. It was made of solid brass with an antique finish. The logo was stamped on the front side of the coin while at the back, their motto “We Can, We Will” and “Ready Forward” were stamped. The coin is usually awarded by the Chapter president or a national officer to a member who has shown a noteworthy achievement. It has become a token of recognition. This challenge coin is given only to the member who earned it. Therefore, it modified the original version where all the members usually receive a challenge coin from the commanding leader of the particular unit they belonged to.

On 2009, the worst mass murder took place on a military base at Fort Hood, Texas. Thirteen soldiers died and thirty more were reported to be severely injured in a shooting, which was later categorized as a workplace violence. As a token of honor for the brave soldiers who were killed during the Fort Hood shooting, President Barak Obama placed special challenge coins on the memorials of these soldiers.

The creation and distribution of challenge coins are also gaining popularity among the different organizations and departments such as the police, fire, fraternity, clubs and other special groups for various reasons. It can be for sentimental reasons or personal reasons only. To know more details visit The challenge coin is definitely here to stay although the reasons and types have evolved throughout the generations.