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Bonding and beautifying at

There are many ways for ladies to bond with their girl friends. They can head to the mall and shop until they drop. They can even go to sales and try to outdo each other with the bargains that they have made. Others meet up at a bar to have drinks and finger food while listening to acoustic music. Other ladies prefer to hit the dance floor at a club. There are also those who just wish to sit and chat at a coffee house. The others who prefer to chill at home will hold sleepovers.

Those who are nature lovers may organize for a mountain hiking activity on a weekend. Others may go fishing or camping. The beach lovers, meanwhile, will soak up the sun and can even go surfing. The sporty ladies will play friendly matches among their group or even with other cliques. Those who are charitable can even hold feeding programs.

Another fun way for ladies to bond is to get together at a salon or spa

A salon date can entail the ladies getting hair and makeup done. They can also receive hair color treatments together and can even choose to have the same dye shade. A spa date, on the other hand, may involve the ladies getting anti-aging skin treatments. At, girl friends can have a salon and spa date altogether.

NYBeautyBarSalon is not a typical salon that only offers basic hair and makeup services. Aside from performing simple cuts and hair color treatments, it also does waxing, skincare treatments, and spa services. It would be a unique experience for ladies to experience all these beautifying and wellness treatments at the presence of their friends. Instead of being solitary at the salon and spa, ladies can have random conversations while getting their treatments done. They can also share beauty secrets with each other. They can even get moral support when going through the slightly painful process of waxing.

The ambience at will also provide a different environment for girl friends who are used to meeting up in houses, malls, cafes, parks, and the beach. The ambience of the salon and spa is serene and relaxing. It will be able to provide respite from the busy lives of ladies. Having a girls’ day out or night out at the salon and spa is not even much of a hassle because is just located in the city. There is no more need for ladies to go far and away just to get some rest and relaxation.

The services at, moreover, are not just for the ladies

Men can come in throngs to get a haircut or makeover done. They can also get hair color treatments as well as anti-aging treatments. Members of the LGBT community are also very much welcome. They can head to the salon and spa to get their hair, facial, and skin treatments. Men and members of the LGBT community do very well enjoy getting salon and spa treatments, too. And it would be more enjoyable if they came in groups.


This new way of bonding among friends has many advantages. Firstly, friends are able to spend time together and catch up. They are able to have conversations in a more private setting while at the salon and spa. Secondly, they are able to feel clean, relaxed, and restful. Thirdly, they are able to save time by merging their get-together with friends with their salon and spa routines. Fourthly, having a salon and spa date is not very costly.

We offer monthly promos that feature different kinds of services. Our beauty and spa treatments may be done by experienced professionals but our prices are still affordable. We even drop our prices from time to time. If the price packages are not amenable to customers, they can still give us a call and we may provide assistance in getting a discount. We do this because we believe that being beautiful should be attainable. That is why we focus more on the quality of our services over the price point. This would bode well for groups of friends who wish to spend time together while getting beautified and pampered at the same time.

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